About Us

Expertise in Drinking Water

Water has always been essential to human in every way and its necessities. The safe drinking water is a vital concern in the region and the demand of the product remains emphasized dramatically up to date.

United Food Stuff Factory is a 100% Qatar-based managed company currently located at industrial area Doha, Qatar. It is a manufacturer and distributor of the brand Sidra drinking water both for the local market and across the region. Sidra positions the brand name by its taste and its benefits to one’s health and well-being.  Nowadays, the primary moral of Sidra drinking water is to continuously increase our market share of the all the product line from Sip Cups, 330ml, 500ml, 1.5 Liters and 5 Gallons.

We stand by a dynamic team of highly motivated sales force to cater each consumer with quality products and on-time delivery to address our costumer’s need. We are striving to meet the ever-changing market and customer demands where it is escalating at a tremendous rate, thereby encouraging a healthy lifestyle by drinking Sidra which is essential to our life.


To focus on productivity not being immovable with words, nevertheless proceed unto decisive accountable action, and go beyond our boundaries to accomplish our Vision. To be recognized as a manufacturing company that provides the local market the best drinking water and other beverages they can get.


To form a strong brand equity with importance on constantly delivering the best quality bottled water and other beverages with the highest standards of safety and purity. To comprehend the consumer needs and extend services that is efficient and flexible, thereby acquiring a dominant status in the market and forefront of technology acquisition and manpower development.

Our Factory

We at United Food Stuff Factory we make sure that our process is untouched by human hands, as we knew the high level of importance when it comes to sanitation. That is why our water products undergo into a state-of-the-art purification and distillation process, which is certified and meets both the local and global safety standards.

We are proud to say that UFSF water products goes into an 8-step process that includes micro-filtration, multimedia filtration, carbon filtration, polishing filter, reverse osmosis, UV treatment, distillation and ozonation. These 8-step process features automated filling and capping.

It is carefully done, to remove unwanted chemicals and impurities, while distillation and additional water treatment is observed to ensure that our clients are distributed with clean, pure and safe drinking water for their whole family.

Partnerships & Affiliations

Our on time delivery drives us who we are right now.  Our clientele dramatically increases day by day. With our customer service that attends to all your concerns and orders made things easier for us in delivering Sidra drinking water at your door steps.