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SIDRA positions the brand name by its taste and its benefits to one’s health and well-being. The primary morale of Sidra drinking water is to continuously increase our market share on the product line of all our Sidra sip cups, 330ml, 500ml, 1.5 Liters and 5 Gallons. Thereby we are encouraging a healthy lifestyle by drinking Sidra which is essential to our life.

200 ML

By specializing in the transportation of goods in and around the Midwestern United States, we are able to...

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330 ML

Enjoy this handy thirst quencher, that once cold, it is perfect for your refreshment matching with a flawless shape you can carry anywhere.

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500 ML

Your Sidra water on a size that is fit for those people who are always on the get-go. This is the perfect water refreshment for your active lifestyle.

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1.5 ML

1.5 Liter Sidra bottle that is good for ultra-active people. This is the size that suits you, a good size for replenishment and for a big size thirst.

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5 Gallons

As Sidra cares for you and to everyone around you, Sidra now comes in 5 gallon bottles, for the benefit and refreshment of all, may it be in your home or office.

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Hand your guests a custom labeled hotel bottled water upon check-in, leave it in their room, or pass around bottles by the pool. This is what a feel-good feeling means for a guest that would check-in a hotel. A hotel that has everything of their own, from labeled towels, mini shampoos and body soaps down to the drinking water they can complimentary get. This says a lot about the brand and how classy your hotel is.

Imagine a business with strong branding

that stands out from competitors. Offering relevant products and services is key, but emotional connection with prospects and customers is crucial. For entities like banks, hospitals, or private companies, having custom-branded bottled water can enhance this connection. It can be used as complimentary water for guests, sponsored at events, donated for CSR campaigns, or used in promotional giveaways. Seeing your brand on a bottled-water label creates a lasting impression on anyone who drinks it, reinforcing your business identity over time.

Partners who’s already into this

And this goes not only for hotel owners, this goes to everyone that no matter where you use your custom labeled bottled water, your guests and potential clients will gain awareness of your brand without even knowing it!